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El Zaguán, so named for the long interior hallway, is one of eight properties owned by the Historic Santa Fe Foundation. This former hacienda has undergone very little alteration since the era in which it was owned by Margretta Dietrich from 1928 until she died in 1961.

Soon after Mrs. Dietrich acquired it, she converted what was then a single house, into apartments. She also rebuilt the former farm buildings at the north side of the property into two small rental cottages, and her sister, artist Dorothy Stewart, built herself a large studio - La Galeria – at the east side of it. This is now occupied by a clockmaker.

According to Sylvia Loomis, who managed this property for many years, “this … provides the physical and social background of this particular multiple housing unit within the Anglo community. Others were the "Sarah McComb Compound" and the "Ina Sizer Cassidy Compound" further east on Canyon Road, and the "Anne Webster Compound" on Garcia Street, and each had its own particular appeal among, the artists, writers, poets and eccentrics in Santa Fe's "Golden Age" of Anglo culture. Rents were comparatively low - in order to encourage those who had creative talent but little money - and when I came into the picture in 1955, just as the "Golden Age" was winding down, some of the small apartments here were still renting for $35 per month.

In outward demeanor, Mrs. D. was a rather reserved Bryn-Mawr, Main-Line-Philadelphian lady, and very much involved in all the progressive movements in town-particularly the plight of the Navajo and Pueblo Indians, and the promotion of their art - but it was her sister Dorothy Stewart, who made the whole Compound sparkle. Her generous, friendly spirit and the diversity of her talents made her “Galleria" the center of many cultural events, entertainments, and "theme" parties, in which Mrs. also participated.”

Today, the Historic Santa Fe Foundation carries on this tradition of use by housing five artists at El Zaguán.  





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