Cathedral Park
The Cathedral Park area, bounded on the north by Palace Avenue, on the west by Cathedral Place, on the south by St. Francis Cathedral, and on the east by Marian Hall, was originally purchased on May 26, 1856, from José Francisco Baca y Terrus by Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy for $1,000. Bishop Lamy sold this along with adjoining parcels to Sister Mary Vincent, Superior of the Sisters of Charity. Cathedral Park is the site of the original St. Vincent Sanatorium that opened in 1883. An 1887 photograph shows the area enclosed by sandstone pillars, connected by an ornamental iron fence on top of a sandstone base. Two lower pillars framed a gale for pedestrians at the corner of Palace Avenue and Cathedral Place. By 1935 the corner had been slightly rounded and the gate moved back to accommodate the widening of the sidewalk; however, the pillars and fence remain.

The first sanatorium was destroyed by fire in 1896, but twelve years later reconstruction was begun on the same site. This building was remodeled in 1954 for use as a convent and school for nurses, and renamed Marian Hall. Even with the church's extensive building program in the surrounding area throughout the years, the large park forming the southeast comer of Palace Avenue and Cathedral Place has, for about ninety years, been preserved as an open air space to be enjoyed by Santa Fe citizens. It forms an important piece of the fabric of the Santa fe Historic District.