Historic Santa Fe Foundation hosts openings and exhibitions on a monthly basis. The Foundation is proud to honor its history of supporting artist by renting the apartments to artist and hosting exhibitions of their work. Each artist's work is on display for a month at El Zaguán. HSFF also hosts shows on historic properties often including photographs, artworks, maps, ephemera, artifacts and historical documents. For more information on the exhibitions, contact Jacqueline Hill at info@historicsantafe.org.

For a list of upcoming & current exhibitions, visit our Events page.

List of Upcoming and Past Exhibitions:

2019 Exhibitions (2019 Exhibitions subject to change, please check the Events page)
December 2019 TBD
November 2019 TBD
October 4-November 1, 2019
Raising New Mexico: Childhood in New Mexico in partnership with Searchlight New Mexico (October 2019)
September 6-27, 2019
Photo Encaustics by Jim Gautier and Richard Nicholas
August 2-30, 2019
Sarah Stark and Jack Stark Dudzik (August 2019)
July 5-26, 2019
Sally Hayden von Conta’s Plein Air Pastels (July 2019)
June 7-28, 2019
Joseph Sanchez (June 2019)
May 10-31, 2019
Low Riders: Photography by Don Usner (May 2019)
April 5-26, 2019
Tom Leech and Palace of the Governors Print and Poetry Show (April 2019)
March 1-29, 2019
New Mexico School for the Arts (March 2019)
February 8-22, 2019
On/Off Hours V: HSFF’s Annual Staff Show (February 2019)
January 11- February 1, 2019
Barrios de Nuevo Mexico: Southwest Stories of Vindication, Photography by Frank Blazquez

2018 Exhibitions
Irene Sales: Fabric of the World (December 2018)
20 New Mexico Photographers (November 2018)
Jean Fogel Zee: Wired (October 2018)
Zozobra Invades Canyon Road (September 2018)
Anna Booth: About a Place (August 2018)
Sally Hayden von Conta: The Color of Light, Plein Air Pastels (July 2018)
Don Usner: Chimayosos, Portraits from the Chimayo Musuem Collection (May/June 2018)
Jim Gautier: Photo Encaustics (April 2018)
On/Off Hours IV: HSFF's Annual Staff Show (March 2018)
Sarah Stark and Jack Stark Dudzik: Mother/Son (February 2018)
HSFF's El Zaguán sala gallery closed for ceiling repairs and painting (January 2018)

2017 Exhibitions
Anna Booth: New Works (December 2017)
Kuzana Ogg: True Blue (November 2017)
Seldom Seen: Works on Paper by Olive Rush (October 2017)
Pushing the Boundaries: Water & Color in New Mexico (September 2017)
((August 2017)
Mary Sloane: Billboards (June/July 2017)
Jean Fogel Zee: Word Installation (May 2017)
Anita West (April 2017)
Chimayo Weavers Art Exhibit Opening: Irvin & Lisa Trujillo (March 2017)
Off Hours 3: Staff Show (February 2017)
Jim Gautier, Cornerstones Photography Exhibition (January 2017)

2016 Exhibitions
Annual Watercolor and Gouache Juried Exhibition (December 2016)
Anna Yarrow (November 2016)
Agua Fria Village Exhibition: A History in Photographs, Artifacts and Maps (October 2016)
Max-Carlos Martinez: Paintings 2015-2016 (September 2016)
Original Woodcuts by Willard Clark (August 2016)
New Additions to the HSFF Register: San José Hall and The Church of the Holy Faith (July 2016)
Dominic Cappello: Ten Traumas to Talk About, Adverse Childhood Experiences (June 2016)
Gary Denmark: Megaliths and Cairnages, Works on Paper and Canvas (May 2016)
Nicola Heindl: Ripples Under Surfaces (April 2016)
HSFF Staff Show: Off Hours 2 (March 2016)
New Additions to the HSFF Register: St John's College and La Fonda on the Plaza (February 2016)
Carolyn Riman: Advent (December 2015-January 2016)