Hesch House
324-326 Read Street
This two-story house was built in 1888 Philip Hesch, a Canadian-born master carpenter of German extraction who had recently arrived in Santa Fe with his large family, Characterized by an imposing mansard roof and "carpenter style" exterior ornament, it is one of the few remaining late nineteenth-century structures in the city influenced by contemporary European architectural details.

The abstract for the property begins with the conveyance of a parcel of land from Charles Lerouge and his wife, María Rita García, to Alten on May 12, 1869, During the next ten years, Allen and other buyers acquired much of the adjoining land for speculative purposes in anticipation of the construction of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad spur from Lamy Junction. The addition thus assembled was originally designated as "Valuable Building Lots" on the Santa Fe city map of 1880, and the lots on which this house was built were numbered 258 and 259, This description of the property has been repeated in all later transactions.

After passing through several hands, the property was purchased from Annie H. Hull by Hesch on March 19, 1888, and construction was soon started on the house that was to serve as the family home for many years. ln 1906 Philip Hesch deeded the house to his wife, Catherine, "in love and affection." Six years later, the property was sold to Arthur G. Whittier, and Mr. and Mrs" Hesch moved to California. Some of their descendants, however, still live in Santa Fe. The property has changed hands several times since 1912.

The house is of frame construction, and originally the second story was shingled. In recent years, however, the exterior has been completely stuccoed. The interior on the east side has been remodeled, but the western portion, which contains a handsome carved wooden staircase and much of the original woodwork, remains as it was built.