HSFF Fundraising Tour of Los Alamos

About the Tour

Tour includes Los Alamos Ranch School Guest Cabin, Los Alamos Museum,
Hans Bethe House, Fuller Lodge and Oppenheimer House Grounds & Exterior
Sunday, August 19, 2017, tour at 3pm and reception at 5pm
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Given the excitement around this summer's production of Doctor Atomic at the Santa Fe Opera, we thought it would be engaging to host a tour of the location where the real Doctor Atomic, J. Robert Oppenheimer, established the world's most focused physics lab in the 1940s.

Los Alamos today is best known as the location of the Project Y segment of the Manhattan Project and, in later years, the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Scientists from all over the world came to Los Alamos after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s takeover in the 1940s. The properties taken by the government included the Los Alamos Ranch School, founded in 1917 by Santa Fe resident Ashley Pond. Some existing buildings from the school were later used by the scientists and military for housing, offices, and community activities. In addition to its connection to WWII and subsequent scientific research and development, Los Alamos has connections to pueblos in the area as well as the homesteading history.

This visit will include an easy walking tour around the Los Alamos Historic District and will focus on many of the various activities, entities, and personalities associated with this small town atop the Pajarito Plateau. The tour begins at 3 pm at the restored Fuller Lodge with a short lecture on Bathtub Row and then to the Los Alamos Ranch School’s Guest Cottage, which houses the Los Alamos History Museum. The visit will include other sites on the Los Alamos History Museum campus: the Romero homestead cabin, an ancestral pueblo site, the Hans Bethe House, and the grounds of the Oppenheimer House. The tour will end at the Hans Bethe House about 5 pm, followed by a reception that will include libations provided by Pajarito Brew Pub and Grill and food provided by a local caterer. The tour will be led by an expert docent.


The Properties

  • Fuller Lodge
    This log structure was the dining hall for the Los Alamos Ranch School and became a community center during the Manhattan Project days. It was constructed of 771 pine logs selected by architect John Gaw Meem and the school’s director, A. J. Connell. Fuller Lodge was completed in 1929.
  • Los Alamos History Museum
    Beginning in 1918 the Guest Cottage was used as the school’s infirmary and later served as a guest house for visitors to the plateau. The military commander in charge of the Manhattan Project, Gen. Leslie Groves, is said to have had an affinity for the place and often stayed there.
  • Bathtub Row
    This row of homes was built for the Los Alamos Ranch School and used during the Manhattan Project. During WWII, these homes were the only ones with bathtubs, hence the name!
  • Hans Bethe House
    Purchased in 2013 through a generous donation, the Hans Bethe House is now part of the Los Alamos History Museum and houses the Harold Agnew Cold War Gallery. The house has been home to two Nobel Prize winners: chemist Edwin McMillan and physicist Hans Bethe.
  • Ancestral Pueblo Site
    These remains of a small pueblo built of tuff date back to the early 1200s.  
  • Romero Cabin
    In the 1880s, homesteaders started to come to the area now known as Los Alamos. Victor Romero built this cabin in 1913. It was rebuilt by Romero and his son-in-law, Bences Gonzales, in the mid-1930s. Because it was located on Laboratory property, it was moved to its present site in 1985 and restored in 2010.
  • Oppenheimer House
    This home, inhabited by Robert and Kitty Oppenheimer from 1943–1945, was famous for parties and martinis during the Manhattan Project. The yard was also the location of many outdoor parties when the guests filled the house and moved onto the lawn. The later owners changed very little of the 1,200-square-foot home. The building is in a life trust with the Los Alamos Historical Society as the owner of record.

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Images courtesy of Los Alamos County.

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