Nuevo Mexico Profundo: Excursions to the Present Past

2019 Summer Schedule of events benefiting New Mexico's historic churches

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NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO is a voluteer-led program that provides the opportunity for participants to tour and attend concerts and lectures at some of Northern New Mexico's historic churches. More information on the program and and tickets for the events can be found on Nuevo Mexico Profundo's website.

The program objectives are to raise funds for historic church maintenance and restoration, to diversify the uses of the churches, to contribute to cultural enhancement and economic development in rural areas, to increase awareness of the need for historic and heritage preservation, and to provide unique cultural experiences in historic settings. Funds are raised through ticket sales and donations.

The program was developed by writer Frank Graziano, Mayordoma Rebecca Montoya, and HSFF's Executive Director Pete Warzel. Nuevo Mexico Profundo is staffed by volunteers, and is supported by Historic Santa Fe Foundation, New Mexico Office of the State Historian, New Mexico State Historic Preservation Officer, Historic Preservation Divison, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance, Spanish Colonial Arts Society, and participating parishes, mayordomos, and communities to benefit the maintanence and restoration of New Mexico's Historic Churches. The participating parishes to date are Holy Family in Chimayó, St. Gertrude in Mora, and Our Lady of Sorrows in Las Vegas.

CONCERTS in the historic churches are informal gatherings that fuse the music and the ambience into unique experiences. Some of the events are candle- and lantern-lit (village churches often have no electricity), and many are in churches rarely seen by non-parishioners. The performances are generally preceded by informal church visits and by conversation with the musicians, and they are prefaced by a welcome and/or a brief talk on the church’s history and culture. Some performances coincide with feast-day celebrations.

GUIDED TOURS depart from the Santuario de Chimayó to the historic churches in Córdova, Truchas, and Las Trampas. These churches are particularly outstanding for their historical and cultural importance and their conservation of santero altar screens. Tours in other areas, particularly Mora County, and in other formats are planned for later development. Inquiries regarding group tours are welcome. The School for Advanced Research has developed its own tour to historic churches in cooperation with this program.

Find the list of events on Nuevo Mexico Profundo here.
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