The Historic Santa Fe Foundation produced a publication from 1994-2010 focusing on properties owned by HSFF and those on the Register of Properties Worthy of Preservation.

Spring 2010
Jane & Gustave Baumann House, Historic Records Provide Lesson in 1923 Economics, and To Have and Not Hold: Acquisition and Sale, A Long Trem Goal (article on easement program).

Spring 2007
William Penhallow Henderson House, Northup Donated Foundation's Most Comprehensive Easement (Camino del Monte Sol property), Preservation Easement Program Expands the Foundation's Scope of Protection

Summer 2003
St. Catherine's Industrial Indian School, Interview with Patrick Toya: " Roots That Are Very, Very Deep",Potential Preservation Methods & Tools, Preservation Q&A. by Corinne P. Sz, Legal ptions for Historic Preservation, Photo Exhibitt on St. Catherine's Indisn School Photo Exhibition at El Zaguán. 


Autumn 2002
The Alexander G. and Katherine (McKenzie) Irvine House (A Martyr to Progress: The Tin Roof Comes to New Mexico), Interview with Bob Hilgendorf (Owner of Irvine House, 310 McKenzie Street,  The Scandal of "Miss Fertility"

November 2001
The Harry Howard Dorman House, Tribute to HSFF volunteer Sally Hyer Kristin, Then and Now by Corinne Sze on Santa Fe County Courthouse on Grant and Palace Avenue and on Institute of American Indian Arts Museum on Cathedral Place, A Day to Remember by Charlotte White on HSFF’s purchase of Garcia House at 524 Alto Street.

Winter 2000
The Harry Howard Dorman House, Time-Keeping on the Rio Grande: Yankee Clocks Changed our Sense of Time by Marc Simmons, A Day to Remember by Charlotte White, and HSFF in the Community (Acquistition of Garcia House, 524 Alto Street) by Lois Synderman.


Summer 2000
Palace of the Governors and Cristo Rey Church, Thomas Chavez speaks on Palace of the Governors at annual meeting, Diary of an Old House: Excerpts from the Journals of Charlotte White, and A Tribute to Anita by Marc Simmons.

January 2000
The Roque Tudesqui House, Diary of an Old House: Excerpts from the Journals of Charlotte White, Gustave Baumann House, Preservation Q&A, Corinne Sze by Ruth Holmes, Santa Fe’s Acequia Madre by Eleanor Bové, A Study in Perseverance by Phillip Bové, TAR’EA by Ruth Holmes, Historic Neighborhood Association by John Pen LaFarge.

December 1998
Edwin Brooks House 533 Canyon Road, William Penhallow Henderson, Diary of an Old House: Excerpts from the Journals of Charlotte White, Fray Angelico Chavez Photographic Archive and Library, Fairview Cemetery Update, Garden at El Zaguán, and John Gaw Meem and New Mexico’s Historic American Buildings Survey by Sally Hyer.


March 1998
El Zaguán - James L. Johnson House, Diary of an Old House: Excerpts from the Journals of Charlotte White, Saturday Docents at El Zaguán, In Memory of Julie Paltenghe Dougherty and Jordie Chilson, Santa Fe Architecture – 1881, Palace Hotel, Spiegelberg Brothers Store, Orphans, Ghosts, and Seven Burros: Life in an HSFF plaqued property, San Isidro Feast Day, Historic Preservation Easements Come to HSFF.

March 1997
Nuestra Señora de la Luz Catholic Church, Cañoncito, NM, Historic Guadalupe Neighborhood Association, San Isidro and His Grotto, Donaciano Vigil House Transferred to HSFF Ownership, Diary of an Old House: Excerpts from the Journals of Charlotte White, Longevity, Harmony, and Interesting Disasters: Life in an HSFF Plaqued Property, Anita’s Garden, The Santa Fe Trail Lives Again!

March 1996

Cross of the Martyrs; Apartment No. 7, El Zaguan – a dedication to Sylvia Loomis; Wientge House Photos Donated to Foundation; Donna Quasthoff – volunteer Extraordinaire; Arroyo Chamiso Neighborhood Association; Chimayo Revisited: 1900-1925, A Photographic Exhibit; Woolworth’s Stays for Now; New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance Formed; and A Glimpse into Santa Fe’s Past – Christmas Passed.


January 1995
Sheldon Parsons House, 3 & 5 Cerro Gordo Road; Canyon Road, 1918-1919; Santa Fe, 1918-1919; Acequia Madre Ditch Association; The HSFF Registry; and Lois Snyderman, HSFF Executive Director.

November 1993
Kaune-Bandelier House, 352 East De Vargas Street; The Future of Santa Fe by John Pen La Farge; and Memories of Myra Ellen Jenkins.

November 1992
Frank Leonard Smith House, 334 Garcia Street; ­and Museum of Fine Arts Plaqued for 75th Anniversary.


September 1992
The Witter Bynner House; The Old Don Gaspar Neighborhood Association: Another in a Series Highlighting Associations Interested in Historic Preservation; Seton Village – Landmark at Risk; and “Gang Members” as Tour Guides (El Paso Heritage Tourism Project).

February 1992
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Depot; The Santa Fe Railway’s Santa Fe Passenger Depot by Corinne Sze; Santa Fe’s Railroad Era Plaza; 1991 Meem Scholarship Prize Winner Eban Hill; Lond May It Flow! (Acequia Madre Ditch Association); The City of Santa Fe Historic Design Ordinance by Dale Zinn; 10 Restorer’s Do’s and Don’ts; The Historic Neighborhood Association: Another in a Series Highlighting Associations Interested in Historic Preservation; Honoring our Volunteers (Hope Curtis).

June 1991
The Jane and Gustave Baumann House; The Old Santa Fe Association; 1990 Historic Snata Fe Foundation Survey Results; The Canyon Association; 1991 Historic Santa Fe Foundation Membership Meeting; Report from Our Representative (Adobe 90: The sixth International conference on the Conservation of Earthen Architecture); Let’s ‘Honor’ the Vandal of the Year by Charles Hillestad (Central Bank of Denver); Plaquing Santa Fe Historic Property; The National Register of Historic Places; HSFF Executive Director Carol Stodgel.


August 1990

Roque Tudesqui House; The John and Faith Meem Scholarship Prize for 1990, Shannon Ulibarri; We’re So Lucky to Live in Santa Fe publication; Tourism Could Hurt Tourism; Randall Davey House; Alan C. Vedder (in memory); and Foundation Supports Plaza Archaeological Dig.

October 1989
Gross, Kelly & Co. Warehouse near Santa Fe Depot, New Mexico (Santa Fe Railway Company Collections in the Museum of New Mexico); Faith Meem Memorial; Grants Awarded Honoring John Gaw and Faith B. Meem; 1989 John and Faith Meem Scholarship (Shari Cook); Why Preserve?; Respectful Rehabilitation – Answers to Your Questions About Old Buildings; Sometimes You Win One (New York State Supreme Court decision on Tarrytown’s Grove Street Historic District); and Emergency Acquisition Fund Created.

September 1988
Bronson Cutting House; Further on The Lamy Chapel (The Bishop’s Chapel 1933) painting by Theodore Van Soelen; Camino del Monte Sol Historic District; Historic Santa Fe Foundation Properties; The John and Faith Meem Scholarship Prize for 1988 (Ann Rojas); From Preservation News, March 1988: Zoning Pains; Standards for Construction Projects Outside The Historic District; and Miraculous Staircase of Loretto Chapel of Our Lady of Light.


November 1987
Archbishop Lamy's Chapel; The John and Faith Meem Scholarship for 1987; Replastering the Las Trampas Church; Repairs at Cristo Rey Church; Replastering The Doniciano Vigil House; The 25th Anniversary of The Historic Santa Fe Foundation; The Roque Tudesqui House – The Foundation Agrees to a Major Purchase of a Historic House; The Historic Santa Fe Foundation Education Fund to Support Professionals.

September 1986
Catron Block; Historic Santa Fe Foundation’s Silver Anniversary (25 years); Long-Term Volunteers; The John Gaw and Faith Meem Scholarship Prize for 1986 (Jane Rocha); Plaquing Santa Fe Historic Property; and Book Review of Sources & Searches: Documenting Historic Buildings in New Mexico.

July 1985
Salmon-Greer House, Don Gaspar & Paseo de Peralta


December 1984
Donciano Vigil House; the Salmon-Greer House; Historic Santa Fe Foundation Annual Meeting: Anita Gonzales Thomas Remembers; The National Trust for Historic Preservation (activities in New Mexico); Looking for a place to visit within driving distance? (Fort Davis National Historic Site in El Paso); Preservation Week; Symposium on New Mexico’s Churches.

August 1984
Cañoncito Church needs repair (Reprinted from the Opinion page of The New Mexican); Symposia on the Future of Santa Fe; 1984 Meem Prize to student from St. Catherine Indian School (Renee Marianito); Loretto: The Sisters and Their Santa Fe Chapel; Rehabilitation Seminar, In cooperation with the National Trust for Historic Preservation; Two Views of Developers.

April 1984
Fairview Cemetery, Catron Mausoleum, Cerrillos Road Fairview Cemetery, Catron Mausoleum, Cerrillos Road; Book Review, John Gaw Meem: Southwestern Architect; The Economic Benefits of Rehabilitation. Fairview Cemetery, Catron Mausoleum, Cerrillos Road; Book Review, John Gaw Meem: Southwestern Architect; The Economic Benefits of Rehabilitation.


December 1983
Las Acequias, Nambé, NM: John Gaw Meem and the Spanish-Pueblo Revival; Bogus is replacing genuine Santa Fe by Todd Granzow; The Historic Santa Fe Foundation Donates to Oral History Project (Upper Canyon Road).

June 1983
Historic Preservation in Santa Fe (Tully House, Hayt-Wientge Mansion); Preservation-Rehabilitation Restoration Seminar; Researching the History of Your House: From the Old House Workbook Rehabilitation Guidelines for Albuquerque; Santa Fe Trail; Rebecca Barck Awarded Meem Prize.

March 1983
Annual Meeting, HSSF Plaquesfor Properties Worthy of Preservation; Instant Old Town in Texas (Addison, Texas); HSFF’s First Crossword  Puzzle, 1982 Christmas Lighting Contest Winners.


October 1982
Santa Fe in 1845 and 1915; Civic Reform in Santa Fe, 1845: An early city council deals with familiar problems; La Courte Building Update; The “New-Old Santa Fe Style” of 1915: Results of the “Chamber of Commerce Architectural Prize Contest; El Zaguán Update; Harmonium Rededicated (Loretto Chapel); Volunteers’ Tea.

May 1982
Nausbaum House and Historic Santa Fe Foundation History, Old Santa Fe Today 3rd edition, Loretto Chapel Harmonium Dedication is set, Visit the Ancient City of Santa Fe reprinted from Santa Fe Trail (1913) Only One May Be the Oldest (Santa Fe in 1913 ad Santa Fe Style), West Side Story  (West side of Santa Fe) , and Foundation Committees

February 1982
The Powder House, Restructuring the Santa Fe Plaza, Annual Meeting, Santa Fe Traditional Lighting Contest Winners, Commercial Members, and New Board Members.


October 1981
Professor J.A. Wood House, 511 Armijo Street; Board of Directors, Old Santa Fe Today 3rd edition announcement, HSFF meeting with members of Historic Denver, and Loretto Chapel  Harmonium restoration update


June 1981
Barrio de Analco, Roque Tudesui House, Gregorio Crespin House, NM House Bill 483 for appropriations for improvements to the supreme court building, new Board Members, membership drive, Loretto Chapel Harmonium restoration plan, and Report of the Governor of New Mexico (1901) Places of Interest

September 1980
The Manderfield Mausoleum, Rosario Cemetery;  Manderfield Mausoleum restoration by HSFF; bird's eye view of Federal Place; Annual meeting of Faith and John Gaw Meem Prize; Foundation Activities of 1980 and new Board Members; and list of volunteers


January 1980
Ignacio Roybal House, Pojoaque Valley; Canyon Road homes featured on Foundation Open House; Sister Carlann retires as Loretto Chapel Manager; and Spanish terms on architecture

June/July 1979
First Ward School, 400 Canyon Road; HSFF receives award from Old Santa Fe Association and the New Mexico Historical Society for work on Tully House restoration; Santa Fe's first park near Rosario Chapel; and the 1979 Register of Resources Worthy of Preservation

January 1979
Carlos Vierra House, 1002 Old Pecos Trail, Fact or Fiction on the age of the bell of San Miguel Chapel, Second home tour report; and Spanish terms on architecture


September/October 1978
Digneo-Valdez House and Digneo-Moore House, 1231 & 1233 Paseo de Peralta; second historic home tour scheduled; United States Court House in 1900 and 1972; and Spanish terms on architecture.

May/June 1978
Willi Spiegelberg House, 237 East Palace Avenue; Membership drive for 1978 with list of members; update on the restoration of Tully House; new board members and summer tours; and Spanish terms on architecture

March/April 1977
El Zaguán, 545 Canyon Road; HSFF Annual Meeting recap; and State Penitentiary archival photos and image from J.J. Stoner's bird's eye view from 1882.


Fall Winter 1976
A.M. Bergere House, 135 Grant Avenue; The "Oldest House" illustrated then and now; Donna Quasthoff letter on the Tully House renovation with Hope Curtis photographs of the renovation; and Spanish terms relating to structures

Spring/Summer 1976
Hayt-Wientge Mansion, 620 Paseo de la Cuma; El Zaguán,; Padre Gallegos House illustrated; Membership Drive for 1976; list of commercial and individual members; and Spanish terms for architecture

Fort Marcy Officer's Residence, Roque Lobato House illustrated, Plaquing - Its Significance to the Building and the Community, Historic Homes Tour results, and Rosario Altar Screen


George Cuyler Preston House, Tully House Fund, Members of the Board and Executive Committee, Staab House illustrations, and Placquing process

José Alarid House, Loretto Chapel volunteers needed, Tully House Fund, and Old Santa Fe Association Treasure Sale