HSFF has assembled a collection of maps of Santa Fe and nearby areas with map dates beginning in 1766 and including a few maps from recent times. These maps are posted as an aid for people who are simply curious or are researching the architectural and cultural history of Santa Fe.

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The collection continues to grow as other maps are acquired. A list of the collection—arranged by date—follows.

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Map Table of Contents

1766 Urrutia Map of Santa Fe
1776 Urrutia Map of northern Rio Bravo
1791 Plan of the Presidio in Santa Fe
1816 Plan de la Iglesia Major
1846 August 19 Reconnaissane of Santa Fe
1846-47 Map of Santa Fe with cienega highlighted by Tara Plewa
1877 Plat of City of Santa Fe Grant
1882 Map of Santa Fe by P.O. Gaynor
1883 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe
1885-56 Hartman Map of the City of Santa Fe (Shows streets, street names, properties and some owners)
1886 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe
1890 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe
1891 Sketch Map of Grants within the Santa Fe Grant by Wm. White
1892 Map of Santa Fe, New Mexico by P.O. Gaynor, C.E. (Shows streets, street names, subdivisions, lot lines and major lot owners)
1892-94 Map Showing Owners of Land within Santa Fe Land Grant (Outside City Limits)
1898 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe
1902 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe
1904 Official Topographical Map of Santa Fe, New Mexico by County Surveyor John Zimmerman (Shows mining districts, railroads and some grants in the county)
1908 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe
1912  Kings Official Map of the City of Santa Fe New Mexico
1912  Map of the Marquez and Padilla Grant Santa Fe County New Mexico as Surveyed by Thomas A. Hayden, C.E.

1913 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe.
1914 (circa)  Map of Lots and Right-of-Way above Two Mile Reservoir (Showing the "Power Line Ditch" for Santa Fe Water and Light Company)
1914-17  Hydrographic Survey of the Santa Fe Creek. State Engineer's maps of the Santa Fe Creek, excluding the section within the City Limits.
1921 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe.

1924  Map of the Real Estate Holdings of the Santa Fe Water & Light Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico in the Vicinity of the Reservoir.  Land adjacent to the Two Mile Reservoir.
1929 De Vargas Development Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico. General Plan for Subdivision.

1930 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe.
1935 Aerial Photograph of Santa Fe.  Approximately  the area within the City Limits.
1942 Sanborn Maps of Santa Fe.
1951 Aerial Photograph of the Southeast of Santa Fe.
1952 Map of Santa Fe from Santa Fe News?
1953 Business Section Map?

1954 Site of Proposed Lerner's Shop?
1960 Map from "Property Planning Report, New Mexico School for the Deaf".  By Kenneth Clark, Architect
1973 City of Santa Fe, New Mexico Highway Department
1980 Santa Fe Historic Districts
2000 St. Francis Cathedral Floor Plan

2008 Orthophoto?
2012 Siegsted ?
2012 Kings Map of 1912 with Major Acequias Overlaid by Edward Gonzales. Gonzales, a retired consultant for the NM State Engineer, produced this map to memorialize the centennial of NM statehood.  It employ's field investigating to identify the locations of Santa Fe's major acequias as they existed in 1912.
2016 Sanborn Legend, Key and Abbreviations. From website of Environmental Data Resource, Inc.

Also included:
Sanborn Legend
Collection of all Sanborn Maps