Historic Santa Fe Foundation's
Garden at El Zaguán

Thanks to the Santa Fe Master Gardeners volunteers who keep the garden alive and vibrant in the heart of Santa Fe. Plants listed below are provided by the SFMGA and are shown by common name, bloom color and bloom start time.

Download the Santa Fe Master Gardeners Association (SFMGA) Brochure on El Zaguán, July 2015

Daffodils (yellow, late March - early April)
Tulips (red, mid-April)
Iris(mixed, mid-April)
Nanking cherry (pink, mid-April)
Golden currant (yellow, mid-April)
Dead nettle (lamium) (pink, late April)
Honeysuckle (pink, late-April)
Hyacynths (purple, late-April)
Catmint (purple, early May, late May, early June)
Violets (purple, early May)
Lily of the valley (white, early May)
Sundrop (yellow, early May)
Lilac (lavender, late April)
Forsythia (yellow, early April)
Poppies (oriental) (orange, mid-May)
Sunflowers (yellow, mid-July)
Sunflowers, maxmillian (yellow, late August)
Lavender (lavender, mid-July)
Hollyhock (white, rose, pink, burgundy, mid-July)
Spurge (yellow, mid-July)
Choke cherry (white, April/May)
Choke cherry, Canadian (white, March/April)

Speedwell (Veronica) (purple, late July)
Hare bell (light purple, late July)
Delphinums (blue/purple, May)
Anemone, (white/blush, late August)
Astible (purple, late August)
Astivia nigella (blush, late August)
Aster (purple, mid-September)
Helianthus (yellow, June-September)
Horse chestnut tree (white, April/May)
Redbuds (fuschia, April/May)
Vinca (purple, early May)
Plumbago (blue, mid-July)
Columbine (yellow mid May-July & early June)
Allysum (white, June-September)
Mock orange (white, early June)
Larkspur (blue/purple, June)
Geranium, wild (pink, early June)
Poppy (California) (yellow, early June & yellow mid)July)
Beauty bush (white, early June)
Rose C (pink, early June)
Rose, David Austin (white, mid-July)
Rose, shrub (pink, mid-July)
Allium (purple, early June)
Meadow rue (yellow, mid June-August)
Snapdragon (red/pink, mid-June)
Red hot pokers (red/orange/yellow, mid-June)
Fever few (white, mid June-August and white, mid-July)
Day lily (orange, mid-June)
Lambs ears, (purple, mid-June)
Salvia (purple, early to mid-July)
Penstemon (blue/purple, mid-July)
Phlox (lavender, mid-July)
Daisy, shasta (white, mid-July through September)

El Zaguán Garden Timeline