Eugenie Shonnard House
1411 Paseo de Peralta
The Shonnard House is one of two extant Santa Fe residences built by master carpenter Philip Hesch (Hesch House). It served as the home and studio of internationally known sculptor Eugenie Shonnard (1886-1978) from 1934 until her death.

The lot on which the house stands, and the three-room adobe structure at the rear, were purchased by Rosa Gallegos from Santa Fe merchant José Arban Ortiz and his wife in 1874. Rosa Gallegos and her husband, Bruno Romero, sold the property in 1890 to Nestora Lucero de Kirchner, the wife of August Kirchner, a merchant and druggist.

In 1890 Nestora contracted with Hesch for the construction of the house. Financial difficulties apparently beset the Kirchners, for construction liens were placed against the property and it was sold at public auction in 1892.

During the early decades of this century, the house was owned by local merchant Charles Kiesov and his wife, Emma.

Eugenie Shonnard had studied art in New York and in Paris with Auguste Rodin in the early 1900s. During her career she created many marble, granite, and bronze sculptures on commission. Her works were exhibited in leading galleries and are in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Luxembourg Palace.

ln 1927 an exhibit of her work at the Museum of New Mexico's Fine Arts Division brought Eugenie Shonnard to Santa Fe, where she settled permanently later that year. ln 1934 she received the house as a wedding gift from her mother.

The Shonnard House is listed on the New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties and on the National Register of Historic Places.