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Salon El Zaguan: Heloise Jones, New Mexico's Allure for Writers: A Perspective Landscape

New Mexico's Allure for Writers: A Perspective Beyond Landscape

Presented by Heloise Jones
545 Canyon Road Suite 2, Thursday, November 16 at 3pm
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Northern New Mexico, specifically Santa Fe and Taos, has attracted writers and artists for a hundred years or more. Their response similar to DH Lawrence's,  "...the moment I saw the brilliant proud morning shine up over the deserts of Santa Fe, something stood up in my soul." Though Lawrence's words speak directly to many of us, Heloise Jones proposes it was more than landscape or a calling which fed these writers and artists, and kept them here to create, more even than the freedom to be accepted as themselves. She proposes they found a way of sustaining their creative lives here that they couldn't find elsewhere, and the landscape reflected the heart of what the creative process needs, which she outlines in her book The Writers Block Myth - A Guide to Get Past Stuck and Experience Lasting Creative Freedom.

Writers and creatives still flock to northern New Mexico, and still feel fed by the landscape and cultural diversity. But the challenges faced today hold the added weight of rapidly changing technology, multiple publishing platforms, click-now marketing avenues, and instant feedback where there never seems to be enough time in a day or week or a year to understand every option, much less master them. Looking to those artists from the past, seeing a connection and continuity with ourselves despite our modern-day challenges, can help shift perspective and sustain a creative life, as well as help expand our knowledge of past writers and artists.

Heloise Jones is the author of #1 bestselling book The Writer’s Block Myth, Coach & Mentor for Creatives. She lives in Santa Fe and likes to say she has a 24-year relationship with our city. As a writer's ally, her specialty is helping writers move forward, write more freely, and tell their best stories. She draws from deep intuition and nearly two decades of study and work in craft & process. 

Heloise offers workshops and retreats in Santa Fe and afar. She’s currently working on a second novel set in Northern New Mexico, and writes a weekly blog. She can be reached thru her website:


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