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Stewards event at Seton Village and The Academy for the Love of Learning


This is a private event for members of the HSFF Stewards. Please find more information about joining the Stewards or inquire about membership on this page of HSFF's website.

The tour will include Lagunita in Seton Village, Ernest Thompson Seton's home before his much larger home nicknamed Seton Castle; the remains of The Castle with a talk by Beverley Spears, the architect whose firm planned and implemented the reinforcement of the structure after the devastating fire in 2005 that destroyed much of the house; and The Academy for the Love of Learning, designed and built by Spears.

David L. Witt, curator for the Seton Legacy Project at The Academy for the Love of Learning and Ernest Thompson Seton researcher and expert will provide a tour of the gallery's exhibition and the building. Both Spears and Witt will be accessible for the duration of the tour to provide more information on the buildings and Seton.

Ernest Thompson Seton is known for his role in establishing the Boy Scouts and for his many books on early environmental and conservation philosophies. Seton settled in New Mexico when he purchased this parcel of land in 1929. His village would soon include a central plaza; Seton’s earlier home of Lagunita, the model for Seton Castle; and homes for staff and visitors for Seton’s College of Indian Wisdom and his woodcraft training program. Seton Castle was completed in 1934 on a plot of land comprised of 2,000 acres and situated on a rock spur that Seton called “last rampart of the Rockies”. For this tour of Seton Village, we offer a unique opportunity to visit the privately-owned Lagunita and present experts on the structures in Seton Village in architect Beverley Spears and curator David L. Witt. We hope you will join us for this unique, exclusive tour of Seton Village and The Academy.

Questions: Email or call Melanie McWhorter at or 505-983-2567. Please feel free to email or call Melanie if you are interested in inviting potential Stewards to this event or other future events.