Gregorio Crespín House
132 East de Vargas Street (private residence)
At the western end of the Barrio de Analco, this house was part of the property owned in 1747 by Gregorio Crespín, who sold it for 50 pesos lo Bartolome Marquez with its "lands and an apricot tree." Tree-ring specimens taken from vigas in the house indicate their cutting date as 1720-50, and thick adobe walls testify further to its antiquity. The Territorial trim was added in the nineteenth century. The property was owned between 1850 and 1862 by Don Blas Roibal, whose son, Benito, sold it in 1867 to Don Anastacio Sandoval, for whom Sandoval Street was named. The house was described as containing five rooms, a portal and a placita, with "free entry and exit on the north side." For many years it was known as the Van Stone House. The land itself was part of a tract granted by General de Vargas to Juan de León a Tlaxcalan Indian who participated in the reconquest of 1693. This grant was later validated by Governor Domingo de Bustamante in 1728.

In the Affidavit of Expenses for the rebuilding of San Miguel Chapel in 1710, Juan and his brother, Diego Brito, are credited with a contribution, "as alms," of fifteen hundred adobe bricks for its construction, out of the twenty-one thousand that were used to complete the building.